If you haven’t heard yet, a group of players are starting a new Football League. No, I’m not talking about the XFL, I’m not talking about the AAF either, I’m talking about talking about the Freedom Football League. Ricky Williams made the announcement about the upstart new league that will be a spring football league.

The idea of this league is to have Freedom of speech and the ability to address social issues that the NFL will not allow players to address.

Former NFL Pro-Bowler, Ricky Williams, released this statement concerning the league:

“The Freedom Football League is the perfect integration of my passion for social justice, economic equality and health and wellness, with my life-long dedication and love for professional football,” Williams said. “As much as I’d like to throw on the pads and play, this league is designed to bring competitive football back to the masses, providing players and fans alike with the economic benefits of owning stake in a team, while also ensuring players are empowered use their public platform for social good.”

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