The worst Black person with a voice in modern history just might be Candace Owens. If already know who Candace Owens is then you would know she is a sell-out, white supremacist and an apologist for white nationalist terrorists.

Owens has turned the idea of cooning or selling-out into an art form. No one knows how to explain to black people that white nationalism should be accepted the way that Candace Owens does.

Recently Owens took her selling-out to another level appearing on Laura Ingrams show on Fox News, Owens made the claim that former U.S President Barrack Obama is the cause for racism in America.
Owens claimed she does not remember witnessing racism in her past or in her youth. Believe it or not, this is the same rhetoric that the KKK and White Nationalists all across America have been spewing on-line.

When Trayvon Martin died at the hands of George Zimmerman, conservatives all across America blamed Obama for the racial tensions that followed in the aftermath of Zimmerman being found “Not Guilty” after stalking and killing Trayvon Martin. Somehow conservatives managed to make it Obama’s fault.

Candace Owens, being the ultimate opportunist and biggest bed winch in modern America has put all of the racism in America on the back of Barack Obama.
So I guess she is going to ignore that the NAACP helped her after she was racists threatened to kill her in her hometown of Stamford, CT.

“They started off by telling me that they were going to kill me ‘just because’ I was black,” Owens wrote in a letter that detailed the incident in 2016. “They warned me that if they found me at home, they were going to unload a bullet into the back of my head. They cited other ‘niggers’ who had died before me, like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. They threatened to ‘tar and feather’ my family.”

Does this black woman sound like someone that has experienced racism as a youth?

I have come to the conclusion that Owens has been but and paid for by so-called conservative neo-cons to be a black voice for white nationalism in America. It is funny that just when white nationalism became relevant in the racial divide of America, at least as far as Richard Spencer and the Alt-right is concerned, Candace Owens has become just as popular, if not even more popular than the Alt-right movement altogether. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

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